A Look Back at 2016

Well another year is coming to an end but 2016 was a whirlwind year for us.  It was one of the most exciting years that I can remember.  We had an wonderful start of the year as we finished a lot of real estate projects with the help of our amazing son Tyler Moore.  We also had my cousin and his wife over from England for 3 weeks.  We took them, along with the rest of the family to Cape Coral for a few days.  There is something to be said about the calmest that being on the water brings. We then continued with our real estate projects before Larry and I left for a trip of our lifetime....a holiday in Europe for a month.  Talk about inspiration!  Going to the Vatican, the Leaning Tower of Pisa, Naples, Barcelona and Rome is something that Larry and I will never forget.

While we were in Europe we visited lots of markets and really narrowed down dreams and ideas for Molly's Marketplace.  When we got back to our hometown of Clermont, Florida we got back to our real estate projects.  Around December, the space became available for Molly's Marketplace. In fact the space fell into our laps.  The space was my brothers thrift store.  When it closed and with my brother's blessing and my parents on board, we decided to renovate the building and open Molly's Marketplace. 

dad building the counter for Molly's Marketplacereclaimed wood wall molly's marketplace

We are so proud of what we have accomplished so far at Molly's Marketplace.  Dad and Larry are in charge of the custom wood working.  They build custom wood farmhouse tables, benches, wooden ladders, decorative shutters, lanterns, barn doors and much more.  It is great to see things made in the USA! 


Mum is our inventory specialist.  She has such an eye for awesome home decor and accessories.  Me? well I just put it all together so to speak!  I do some of the Shabby Chic Caulk painting using Rachel Ashwell and Junk Gypsy paint.  I also make some of the furniture and jewelry designs.

So, 2016 was a special year for us and we look forward to 2017.  We hope that you come and visit the Marketplace in the new year because it's a really a labor of love for us and we think that it shows!

Happy New Year!