Barn Doors & Barn Door Tracks

Custom Built Barn Doors
At Molly's Marketplace, we build custom Barn Doors.  Our expert woodcrafts men & women work in our local workshop in Clermont, Florida. They craft some of the most beautiful, rustic and coolest barn doors that you can imagine!

Styles of Barn Doors
There are so many different styles of barn doors.  At Molly's Marketplace, we have a handful of favorite Barn Door Styles but can build any style that you desire!

Barn Door with 1 cris cross

Double pantry barn door with 2 cris crosses

Plantation Barn Door

Baby Barn Door Gate

Designer Barn Door

How To Measure Barn Doors for the perfect fit!
At Molly's Marketplace, we advise people to first determine if you are keeping your existing trim or in-casing around your opening.  If you are, then you need to measure from outside of the trim to the outside of the trim of the opening.  Measure the top of the opening to the bottom of the opening, and from side of the opening to other side of the opening. 

If there is no trim on the existing space, then just measure from the top of the opening to the bottom, and side to side of the opening.

How to Order Custom Barn Doors
Contact us today and get the Barn Doors of your dreams!  With Barn Door prices starting a low cost of $595, it's pretty easy to get some Barn Door style into your space. Local Delivery is available for a small fee and FREE in store pick up is handy.  We also offer Installation Services.