Farmhouse Inspired Furniture & Home Decor

If you are like me, I change my home decor every couple of years.  In fact I usually move every couple of years (but that's another blog post).  As styles change, I feel inspired to do the same in my household.  Right now, thanks to Joanna Gaines, everyone has fallen in love with the Farmhouse inspired look.  Who can blame Joanna?  Her style is awesome as it is simple.  Shouldn't life be simple?  At Molly's Marketplace, we have taken a page out of Joanna's book and built furniture that would inspire Joanna herself!


TV Stand

Farmhouse table, benches & Chairs

farmhouse coffee table

If you are like me, my house has rooms that are a little "challenging" when it comes to furniture placement.  In fact, I tell my husband every time we move that we have to get new furniture!  I swear it's true, the piece of furniture that I bought for my dining room 2 houses ago will not fit into my existing dining room.  In fact, I have shopped for a table that would fit into the space and I couldn't find one.  Are you like me?  Have you had the same issue?  Well look no further, at Molly's Marketplace we build furniture to fit YOUR space with the style that you LOVE.  That's right we have our very own Clint's right on staff (Dad & Larry) and together they build the most inviting furniture.  

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Dad building a bench